Let it grow

Here at Hair HQ it seems most of us are caught in a cycle of hair cuts and hair desperation…


Desperation for longer hair, that is. And it’s a cycle that most probably every women in the world gets stuck in at different times in her life.

Hair cuts are easy – there’s always some new and inspirational hairstyle to covet, whether it be on the head of the latest fashion designer muse or current fave actress and, so long as it’s shorter than your hair, there’s little to stop you from trying out the style. Longer looks, however, are much harder to come by, so if you’re lusting after those waist length tresses you’ve aspired to since your much younger days, unless you can afford to go for extensions, you just have to play the waiting game.

Unfortunately, for many of us super long hair is just never going to happen but, for those of us whose hair is destined to only ever reach just past our shoulders, some comfort might at least be found in the knowledge that your hair is growing as fast and strong as it can. That’s where Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth Scalp Serum (£9.99, available exclusively from Boots) comes into play, stimulating new growth and promoting stronger, longer locks. Lee says, “This concentrated scalp serum will strengthen hair, increase micro-circulation of the scalp to encourage healthy growth, add natural volume and moisturise your scalp.” Suitable for use on either wet or dry hair, this serum is best left on overnight so it can really get to work feeding your hair follicles with the goodness of its hardworking mixture of proteins and minerals.

Now there’s hope for all the slow growers among us!