Love Island Exclusive…

Molly-Mae’s hair secrets revealed!

Seems the whole world has been watching Love Island! We certainly have, and we’re bowled over by how beautiful Molly-Mae’s hair looks. Thick, long, icy blonde gorgeous locks and no sign of a hair extension…even when her hair is in a topknot or braided updo. How does she do it?

Well, have we got a scoop for you….we tracked down her stylist, Emily Monk – Beauty Works Educator  at Beauty Cutie Salon, Wilmslow, Cheshire who spills the beans on the blonde bombshell’s hair secrets!

Emily, how long have you been Molly’s hair stylist for?

2 years.

When Molly knew she was going on Love Island, did she have a clear idea of how she wanted her hair to look or did you advise her?

Yes, she wanted her hair to be manageable and look effortless on the Island, she also didn’t want any extensions to be on show like some of the past contestants so asked for the most discreet method. She likes to wear her hair up a lot so we decided that Nano Bonds by Beauty Works would be the best option. The bonds are tiny and the rings were colour matched to her roots, the most important thing for any of my clients is ensuring that there extensions don’t look like extensions. 

We know that Molly wears extensions, although sometimes its easy to forget as they look so natural! What made you chose the Beauty Works brand?


I started working in a Salon and got to love working with hair extensions, than discovered Beauty Works hair extensions. I like the fact the colour range is so diverse and the quality is amazing without the price being out of reach for clients.


What type of extensions are they?


Beauty Works Nano Bonds hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, they can be re-used for multiple salon appointments  The Bonds come in 50g per packet, so you can mix and blend different colours to create free-flowing highlights. I blended both the shades together to create a subtle contrast, this works really well for natural looking extensions. The Nano Bonds are the most discreet non glue method available, the bonds are durable also and last 10/12 weeks, with standing washing and brushing. The hair can be used for around 6 months.


Why did you recommend this type?


Beauty Works Nano Bonds are perfect for clients that want to wear their hair extensions up, they are completely discreet and lightweight. So for Molly and her lifestyle they worked out the best. Every client I advise talking to  before applying any type of extensions.

What maintenance does Molly have to do to keep her look fresh?


I like to see my clients for every regular maintenance appointment; this will mean seeing me every 6/8 weeks. Like any hair extensions, they need to be maintained and rotated to avoid tangling or matting. 


Will she need a personal visit from you to maintain her extensions or will they last the whole series?


Yes they will last the whole series! That’s what so perfect about the Nano Bonds, although Molly has her maintenance every 8 weeks, they can stay in for unto 3 months! Knowing Molly the way I do, one of her first priorities will be a trip to the salon for a colour and extension freshen up!


Do you have any tips for anyone who loves her look and wants to recreate it?


Search for a fully qualified extensionist that’s qualified in Beauty Works. Ensure you have a consultation to determine the best method of hair extensions for you. Invest in the best aftercare for your hair extensions, you should always buy an hair extension brush that won’t snag the bonds and detangles without harsh pins. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner that has the specific ingredients to keep hair looking healthy, this guarantees the best results with your hair and extends the lifespan. If you are going away the summer, I always recommend using a UV Spray and keeping extensions out of chlorine water, Molly’s goto spray is the Beauty Works Ten-In One Spray, I insisted that she took 2 bottles into the Island and she also promised there would be no swimming in the pool with her extensions in!!




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