Men’s Room…Movember is the time to talk facial hair says Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Christian Wiles

Movember has to be the time to talk facial hair!  If it hasn’t already been drawn to your attention, November is the annual month for the beard and moustache-growing challenge that has been introduced into the calendar aimed at raising funds and awareness around men’s health issues.


I’m fond of a beard.  In fact as male grooming expert, I recommend a beard to many of my clients for a number of reasons!  The best thing about a beard is its impermanence: you grow a beard and it can come straight off….or you may love it enough to keep.  A beard is quite possibly the cheapest and easiest way to transform your look and significantly update your style for a new season. Seriously, decent looking facial hair is the equivalent to make-up, it conceals all sorts of skin issues and defines your favourite features.



Will a beard suit you?

Beards come with a warning.  One size does not fit all and your best option would be to find a local male grooming specialist who can get your beard in order and offer you advice on how to keep it looking sharp and complementing your face shape.  A good barber will be able to define and accentuate your individual features and bone structure by styling your hair in a specific way and defining the silhouette of your beard and face.

Round Shaped Face

For you, a well cut beard is worth trying.  Think goatee styles that will elongate the face…..a little stubble on the cheeks and longer hair on the chin!  Avoid overgrown, unkempt beards at all costs.  (Did someone say bowling ball?!)


Square Shaped Face

If you have a square jawline keep your beard either round or pointed to soften your features. You need to go for a style that draws attention away from those wide jawbones.



Lucky you!  You’ll suit almost any beard but I’d say try the classic.  Clean lines, squared at the jaw line and short on the sides.


Heart Shaped Face

A more petite faceshape can look even smaller with an overgrown beard, so shav carefully! Designer stubble and a little length around the chin for volume really is all you should consider.


Best products to keep it in trim?

I love Bedfordshire Beard Company’s selection of beard balms to condition & give a light hold. Their beard oil is wicked to nourish and moisturise the skin. They’re all 100% natural and my clients love them.

Christian Wiles is HAIR Magazine’s 2017 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year. He is also owner of award-winning Northampton Salon and stylist to the stars.