The Scrunchie celebrates 30th birthday!

Instagram @arianagrande

Love them or hate them, this is one hair accessory that will always make us feel like an 80s Madonna.

It has been thirty years since the scrunchie was first patented. As seen on everyone from the cast of Full House to Paula Abdul, this fun accessory will make a lot of us nostalgic for our childhoods and teenage years. However, not just reserved for the 80s and 90s, the scrunchie has made its way into modern fashion again – perhaps teens these days are wearing it ironically, or perhaps the trend has genuinely recycled itself. Either way, our inner Madonnas are loving it.

Here are a few styles that caught our eye on Instagram:


Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande, known for her long, seriously sleek hair, chose to wear a velvet scrunchie in a hairstyle that combines space buns and a loose, messy side plait. We’re not sure what to call this look, but we like it.


Instagram @lipstickandjuls




Instagram @txtumx_

Scrunchies are great for laid back, casual style. Wear yours to loosely secure a top knot – extra points for sequins and bright pink!



Instagram @ellemorrisxo


Instagram @yuniwilson


Instagram @amandaholloway

There’s nothing like a classic ponytail. To be honest, we thought we’d see Ariana Grande in this category as she’s the unspoken queen of the ponytail in our eyes, so instead we’ve found three gorgeous styles from Instagram influencers. When it comes to ponytails and scrunchies, we think ‘the messier, the better’! So amp up your texture with some dry shampoo or salt spray to get that coveted lived-in look.

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