Scunci’s Hero Hair range launches in Primark

Affordable hair accessories brand Scunci is coming to a Primark store near you…

For years we’ve used Scunci’s purse-friendly range of hair accessories – so imagine our delight when we heard that they’re launching in Primark. Rolling out to Primark stores across the UK throughout August, the range of Scunci accessories will include a variety of much-loved products, including braiding aids, handy brushes and elastics with No Slip Grip technology.

As we mentioned, this range is very easy on the pockets, with prices ranging from £2.50 to £4!

Here are a few products to look out for:

492467U - Scunci Comfort Headbands 2pk

Comfort Skinny Alice Bands 2pk, £2.50

492455U - Scunci Waterfall Braider

Waterfall Braid Tool, £4.00

492464U - Scunci Fast Dry Paddle Brush (1)

Fast Dry Paddle Brush, £4.00