Spooky hair with Chopstick Styler

With Halloween fast approaching, we’re always on the lookout for scary hair inspiration. So we loved these eerie styles sent to us by the Chopstick Styler. This clever styler has four different sizes that can create a multitude of different looks – you just choose your desired curl type then match to the corresponding tool and your DIY curl will look anything but amateur…

Get the Look: Use The Hero Chopstick Styler, £24.99, for long-lasting, voluminous, tight curls. These curls are luminous, uber-impactful, defined and scream confidence. The secret to this style is volume! After curling each section of hair, for extra oomph, be sure to spray the roots of the hair with volumizing or texturizing spray, tip your head upside down and compress sections of hair within your hands followed by back-combing. Photo credit @sudzzfixinc

Get the look: Use The Master Chopstick Styler, £29.99, for cool, effortless, wild waves . Voluminous waves are a look that will never disappear from popularity. From tousled styles to undone up dos, these ethereal curls create impact in any situation. For the perfect juxtaposition, waves can be brushed out for a cool, relaxed vibe and then styled using pins, grips and spooky Halloween accessories to finish the vibe.  Photo credit @cosmiatramon

Get the look: Use The Chunky Chopstick Styler, £29.99, for curls that make an impact – If you prefer an undone look, tong hair and manipulate with the hands to create an unstructured look. The chunky barrel makes it easy to create bigger curls that will last up to three days. Photo credit @themanelounge


Chopstick Styler is available from Boots, Pretty Little Thing, Argos and Superdrug.

Ssssh, what’s the secret?

The secret of this styler is all in the edges. The atoms in your hair are held tightly by hydrogen bonds, which become weaker when heat is applied. By having edges to the wand, squarer curls are produced which means they are set more securely and therefore drop-rate is reduced. Add professional grade titanium and an ultra-high heat of 210° and there’s no match for Chopstick Styler when it comes to creating fuss-free curls fast.

Now that’s what we call spooky!