Stay cool to look hot!

Who doesn’t dream of hair that’s in better condition, less frizzy with vibrant, glossy colour? The new Ego Therapy tool promises to deliver on all counts (cue drum roll)…


Ego Professional’s Ego Therapy (£109) is an innovative cool device that guarantees hot results. It looks just like a straightening iron, but is in fact a conditioning tool that uses infrared light and pulsing ultrasound to deliver hydration, protein, nutrition, and even colour pigment, right into the very core of the hair. So, the irons don’t produce heat; just a glow of light which deeply conditions the hair.

So how does it work? The infrared light stimulates and affects the hair’s natural essential amino acids and proteins to form new amino acids, which are the building blocks of the hair’s structure. At the same time, magnetic ultrasound, pulsating at 36,000 times per second, causes the molecular structure of products applied to the hair to become miniaturised for deeper penetration into the hair shaft.

And how do you use it? Shampoo as normal, then apply conditioner before working the Ego Therapy tool through the wet hair one section at a time, in the same way as you would use your straightener. Great news is it can be used with any conditioning treatment, so you can boost the benefits of your fave nourishing product.

Not only does Ego Therapy promise to deliver improved condition, frizz smoothing and vibrant colour, it also saves time on treatments and drying, making it faster and more convenient.

Available for purchase online at Ego Professional, Very and Boots and at selected Boots and Selfridges stores.