Straight outta Siberia

Brrr! These products are so cool…


If you’re into environmentally conscious haircare, you’re sure to love the gorgeous range of products offered by pioneering face, hair and body care brand, Natura Siberica, who use wild herbs and flowers – many of which are wild harvested – in shampoo, conditioner and treatment formulations that cater for every hair type.


Famed across the globe, but new to the UK market, Natura Siberica is an affordable (prices range from £5 to £10.50!) brand whose products, all of which are free from parabens and mineral oils, promise to deliver exceptional hair enhancing benefits. Each of the products is designed to cater to hair’s specific needs, combining an intriguing range of ingredients with gorgeous packaging and organic, eco-friendly credentials.


We think this brand is set to become a favourite in green households across the country.