The full (Beauty) Works

Here at Hair HQ, not a day goes by without one of us expressing some serious long hair envy…


So, when we see images like this, while on one hand we’re wishing hard for our hair to grow, on the other we’re dancing for joy that long hair can become a reality for even the slowest growers among us, thanks to high quality hair extensions applied by top class extensionists.

Some of the country’s finest extensionists choose to work with leading extension brand, BeautyWorks (remember our feature on their collab with Kardashian’s fave hair bod, Jen Atkins?), to offer their clients volume, length and colour with a wide range of application methods, including Tape-in’s, Wefts and Micro Ring hair extensions, and here are a few images that showcase some of their most recent, super gorgeous makeovers (and extremely happy long-haired ladies, too!).


Yep – if these shots don’t make you hanker for long, swishy hair, nothing will! If you fancy making more of your hair for extra length, volume or even a different colour or texture, you can find a Master Extensionist near you by contacting BeautyWorks for a free consultation.