Three of the best…autumn hair hacks

RAIN RAIN RAIN! The forecast for the next week is unremitting! It seems that autumn has arrived with a vengeance and, instead of the Indian summer we were promised with wall-to-wall sunshine and beautiful burnished leaf hues, our spirits will be well and truly dampened!

Now, I don’t know about you but that is the worst possible combination for my hair. The damp will whizz it into a frizz in no time and the wind will blow out the style completely. It seems that the only thing for it is to scrunch my mane up into a messy bun and hibernate until it’s over.

But, not all is lost. There are some fabulous rescue products out there and here at HAIR Magazine we know a thing or two about fabulous hair products.



This is the most valuable tool in your arsenal!  Designed to calm even the most unruly locks and resist the seasonal onslaught, this is an absolute life-saver.

HAIR Magazine FAVES:

Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum, £45

HAIR Awards WINNER 2019 A runway repair kit staple….smoothes, shines and tames. Perfect for thick, unruly hair.

electric C-1 Rose Serum, £17.50

Luscious rose-scented serum, smoothes and tames well and lasts the distance.


John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum, £6.99

Great value and available on the high street. Good for heat protection and humidity too.

STYLING TIP: Apply approximately a 5p coin-sized amount, smoothing it into the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair and blow- dry with a round brush and the directional nozzle on your hairdryer. As you dry each section, make sure the hair is taut and the nozzle pointing down the hair shaft to ensure that the cuticles are flat as this will give a sleek, shiny finish.

Alternatively, apply ‘à la minute’ to dry hair, working a small amount into the lengths and brush through to combat frizz on the run.


Some people think that hairspray is for their grannies, but ignore it at your peril. Hairspray is another great weapon against the wind and rain. Applied after styling your hair it gives your locks a fighting chance of getting where you are going intact.

Today’s modern sprays are not the sticky, helmet hair creating concoctions of old and there is a huge choice from firm hold – suitable for styles that require limited movement, to flexible hold where the hair looks more natural and has more movement. Some products are designed to cover all bases and will have a delivery system adjustable to give both of these extremes and anything in between.

Winners of this year’s HAIR Awards are:


Mark Hill Extreme Freeze Hold Hairspray, £6.99

Great hold and a great price. Keeps hair in place but not sticky and retains softness.


Neal & Wolf Control Hairspray, £10.95.

For a softer and more subtle hold, but still with the strength to keep hair in place.

INSIGHT Styling Strong Hold Ecospray, £14.99

Pump action for a more eco-friendly approach. Good hold and distribution from this boutique Italian brand.


Strong winds and damp conditions often literally take the shine off your hair. It’s something to do with the damp air getting under the cuticle and lifting it making the hair appear dull. If you haven’t got time to wash and blow-dry your hair, which will rectify this, then a shine spray is the instant answer. It will not only deliver a gleaming sheen to your mane, but these are often perfumed too, making you feel totally pampered.


Percy & Reed, Eau My Goodness Shine and Fragrance Spray, £22

A reader favourite, this spray does what it says on the tin and smells lovely too!

Lee Stafford Shine Head Shine Spray, £5.99

HAIR Awards WINNER 2019, super shine in a can!